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Catch the fish of your life!

Greenfield Valley Fishing & Cottage Resort

Greenfield Valley Fishing & Cottage Resort is a peaceful and relaxing fishing place, located only 20 minutes from Hua Hin city center. This family resort is one of the most popular fishing lakes in Thailand and anglers from all around the country come throughout the year.

The fishing complex was opened seven years ago by TV presenter and British angling celebrity John Wilson (M.B.E.). Today, it is managed by his brother, David Wilson, assisted by Eak-Phanphon Nammonnoi.

Greenfield Valley offers two lakes. The Main Lake 1 is home to a vast selection of Asian and Amazon fish species, the biggest ones beeing the Arapaima (up to 150 kg) and the Mekong Catfish (up to 100kg). Other catch in this lake include the Chao-Praya Catfish (up to 70 kg), the Siamese Carp (up to 30kg), the Amazon Red-tail (up to 25 kg) and the Aligator Gar (up to 20 kg). In addition to these big fishes, there are some 26 other species of sporting fishes including Barramundi, Thai Red-tails and Marbled Tiher Catfish. The second lake, often known as the Carp Lake, is perfect for family fishing. It holds over 15 different species of fish such as Mekong Catfish, Amazon Red-tail Catfish, Chanell Catfish (USA), Siamese Carp and Java Barbs.

Newly opened and overlooking Main Lake 1, Greenfield Valley Restaurant is a relaxing place to enjoy sandwiches, salads and delicious Thai cuisine. Restaurant Chefs use family recipes and organic ingredients grown in the on-site garden. If you wish, your meal can also be served at your fishing spot. For visitors who would like to spend a few days in this unique environment,
thirteen cottages and bungalows surround The Specimen Lake. Varying in size and location, all share a common quiet surroundings and beautiful views over the lake. Catch the fish of your life and spend a beautiful holiday at Greenfield Valley Fishing & Cottage Resort.


56 Moo9, Tubthai Hua Hin, Prachuapkhirikhan 77110
Tel. 087-032 3903 and 092-278 4289

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