Baby Lion at Tiger Kingdom

Smallest Lion at Tiger Kingdom

Nala is the new star at Tiger Kingdom and all she wants to do is play! A four and half month old baby lion who was born in Chiang Mai at the end of December 2016, her bond with her caretakers is very special. Since her birth they have given her the best possible quality of life, including enrichment through various experiences and interactions. Most of the time she can be seen teasing the staff. Nala also likes to play with her blue ball, some timber and stuffed animals. Young children (120 cm tall and up) and adults can meet this adorable lion cub at Tiger Kingdom every day. The best time to go is early morning when there are less visitors at the park (9 am).

Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai is the place to have an “up close and personal” experience with the big cats. The memorable experience lasts 10 to 15 minutes and allows you to take pictures with small, medium, big or giant tigers, under the supervision of professional keepers. There are also photo opportunities with Nala and her keppers will take pleasure in telling you all about her characteristics and favorite games.

Tiger Kingdom is open daily. In the garden you will find a restaurant and a café serving delicious food and refreshments. From there you can watch tigers play together or take a nap in their pool.

51/1 Moo7. Rimtai. Mae Rim. Chiang Mai.
Tel. 053-860 704

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