The New Project in Town

Quality Housing for the price of a condominium 
“Granada”, a new project by Regent. Located on Ring Road 2,
behind Promenada and right next to Dhara Dhevi Resort-Chiang Mai.

Taveedej Om-aree and Jeerapa Om-aree are well know figures in the Chiang Mai real estate scene. Taveedej is the man behind the highly successful Regent Residences. He and his wife Jeerapa have developed more than ten residences in Chiang Mai, including Regent, The Oriental, Mountain View, The Infinite, The Emperor and River Valley. They are now working on their latest project: Granada.

Located behind Promenada, right next to Dhara Dhevi Resort, Granada promises quality living only eight minutes from Chiang Mai airport. Chang Puak Magazine recently had the pleasure of sitting down with this dynamic couple to discuss their new project.

How did you decide on the concept and design for Granada Development?
- Quite simply by listening to buyers in order to build a development around their preferences and not ours. We bought this piece of land a few years ago, before the price of land went up. This allowed us to present quality housing at affordable prices.

What were the main requests from your customers?
- Their first concern was about location. We are located on main Ring Road 2, at walking distance to Promenada. The second concern was about house style, because buyers now enjoy living in luxury modern style houses. At Granada we have double the inside volumes; we decided to do high ceilings, large bay windows and enough parking space for two cars.

Is there any other surprise?
- In addition to being well located Granada Residence is the perfect investment in Chiang Mai at the moment.

What about price?
- Granada Residence has three kinds of housing: townhomes, twin houses and separate houses. Our loft style townhomes offer 150 and 200 square meters for 2.5 and 3.5 floors. Prices
start from 2.8 Million Thai Baht, which is opening price. So, basically, you can buy a townhome with parking space and a little garden for less of the price of a condominium.

You are partners both in life and at work. Is it complicated to work together? What do you see as the main strengths of each others?
J: - For us it is a pleasure to work together as we complete each other. My husband’s strength is in his honesty and profesionalism. Taveedej is a well-established builder who has built 20 developments, which is over 2,000 properties, and he has the connections within the building industry. He knows how to run a building site and to complete properties that are built to a very high standard on time. My strength is in sales and taking clients through the buying and building process from the first meeting to the handover of the property. By completing each other, I feel that we can give buyers the highest level of confidence to purchase.

Can we visit Granada Project now?
- We have started construction and four sample houses are to be ready within two months. Our sales office is now open and we are already taking names on a waiting list. We will start with thirty walk-in-and-stay houses. Everyone is welcome to visit our sales office which is now open in front of the project.

222 moo 2, T. Tasala A. Muang. Chiang Mai.
Tel. 081-595 0111 and 053-350 777

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